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Merrimack has lost a gentleman, a friend, a mentor and a political giant. "Stunned", "heartbroken" and "saddened" do not adequately encapsulate the magnitude of our emotions on Dick's passing. The Speaker was a mainstay in the Town of Merrimack, and had a legacy of uniting people and building the community. I will continue Dick's legacy for Merrimack: a strong commitment to constituent service, listening respectfully, and passionately advocating for Merrimack ensuring the needs of our community are addressed and effectively represented in Concord.



Clean water is a matter of public health. As Town Councilor, I have worked diligently to ensure our citizens have access to clean, potable water. In April of 2016, when the community was exposed to toxins in our drinking water, I successfully lobbied then Governor Maggie Hassan to have the State's Department of Health and Human Services conduct a random blood serum testing community assessment program to determine a baseline level of PFC exposure in Merrimack. In 2018, I voted with my council colleagues to lobby the Legislature for passage of House Bill 1101, a bill sponsored by Dick Hinch, that created specific limits on air emission and water quality standards. The Legislature approved the bill and it was signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu. Lastly, as a Commissioner on the New Hampshire Drinking Water and Ground Water Advisory Commission, with Dick Hinch's help, I successfully advocated for the Commission to approve close to $10 million dollars in grants and loan money to the Merrimack Village Water District to fix the Turkey Hill Road water tank and remediate those wells that were directly impacted by Saint-Gobain's negligence. Merrimack residents need to know that when they turn on their faucet, the water they are drinking is safe; we hold polluters accountable; and we provide our state with the rules and the tools necessary to maintain compliance. I will be the strongest advocate and voice possible for Merrimack in this area. in



I am pleased to have Governor Sununu's endorsement. Governor Sununu has had the difficult job of managing our state through this challenging pandemic while balancing the needs and concerns of Granite Staters and the businesses that make New Hampshire home. He has done this job extremely well with aplomb, consistent communication and tremendous transparency. As the state emerges from this pandemic, it becomes equally important to ensure the needs and concerns of Granite Staters are successfully addressed: opening up our economy safely; a balanced and fully-maintained state budget to fund the departments that serve Granite Staters; and ensuring access to the C19 vaccine. As your State Representative, I will work with Governor Sununu to get the best outcome for Merrimack during the days ahead.



Merrimack's taxpayers should not serve as Concord’s ATM. I am adamantly opposed to any broad based sales or income tax. I will also fight against the downshifting of Concord's fiduciary responsibilities onto the Merrimack taxpayer. Government should be run efficiently and be mindful of its taxpayers’ hard earned dollars. I am proud to have helped stabilize our tax rate here in Merrimack which strengthened property values and, in return, allowed the Town Council to develop responsible budgets that reflected the community's priorities. We've been successful here in Merrimack, and we can do the same in Concord: meeting the state's needs without spending outside of our means. 



Exits 11 & 12 have been decommissioned and dismantled. The unfair burden that the commuters of Merrimack shouldered has been eliminated. I will remain forever vigilant to ensure that the State never tries to impose another "Merrimack only" road tax.



As Town Councilor, I know, first-hand, the importance of local control. I showed leadership and worked hard fighting outside interests who sought to negatively impact our community; specifically, Kinder Morgan's abuse of eminent domain to run a natural gas pipeline through our neighborhoods and Saint-Gobain's negligence in polluting our community's aquifers. The best people to make these decisions for Merrimack are the citizens of Merrimack, and these are 2 prime examples where local leadership and local control won the fight. As your State Representative, I will continue fighting those outside interests along with encroaching, enlarging state government that does not always serve the best interest of Merrimack. 

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